of Representation Scientific Area 

of multidisciplinary 

International programs


Topics presentable for each geographical area:


AT1    Research activity:

AT1A     Projects already funded o nominated for funding

AT1B     Academics cooperation projects (with cofounding with foreign partners)

AT2    Didactic experimentation activities (international mobility):

AT2A     Teaching positions at foreign or supranational research institutes

AT2B    Summer and Winter school (carried out or in progress)

AT3    Report on scientific publications at international level

AT4    Report on International Conference (carried out or in progress)

AT5    Report on European and Ministerial Projects (H2020, MAECI, MISE, MIUR)

         (carried out or in progress)


Aim of the symposium is to create a meeting between Professors of Drawing not only based on reports about research activities carried out or still in progress, but in which discussions animated by a initiative spirit about the development of future actions will be offered.

The symposium aims to explore, through discussion and comparison, some opportunities and channels for the promotion and strengthening of international activities in the field of research, teaching, seminars and conferences.Identification and promotion of appropriate channels for the dissemination of research results, also through scientific magazines that contribute to the promotion of the issues of our disciplinary sector in the international context, finally belongs to the topics of the symposium.

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