The editing of a catalog is planned, to be set according to the same editorial criteria as the last edition, which describes the different experiences collected and presented during the Symposium.
The catalog will be presented in Matera on the Symposium plenary session on October the 22 th. For this purpose, a reprocessing of the abstract already sent is required, the text of which must not exceed 2500 characters including spaces and must be written in double English and Italian language.

It is also required to attach to the text file, up to 5 images with related captions (A5 format, 300 dpi resolution).

The abstracts will be submitted to an evaluation process by the Organizing and Scientific Committee, among which will be selected the contributions that will be presented in the oral communications of the Symposium sessions.


- A text file with title and text .doc o .docx in English (Arial 10) named: name_surname_txt_eng.doc
- A text file with title and text.doc o .docx in Italian (Arial 10) named: name_surname_txt_ita.doc
- A text file with images captions .doc o .docx in English (Arial 10) named: name_surname _cap_eng.doc
- A text file with images captions .doc o .docx in Italian (Arial 10) named: name_surname _cap_ita.doc
- A file .tiff (300dpi) for each image (5 in total) named: fig01.tiff, fig02.tiff, ecc.
The files must be sent to the following email address:
At this link, you can view the last edition published catalog

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