Call for papers

The progress of disciplines of Drawing, as well as of sciences in general, heavily depends on the ability to direct the contents of knowledge on platforms or portals that allow to link the local dimension of research with the global reality of knowledge and technological development. The ability to access experiences and research conducted in different geographical areas determines the development of good capacity for critical and interpretative analysis of complex cultural models, from which they can descend methodologies that comply with cognitive and communicative needs of each socio-cultural context. Research projects on an international scale also include organizational aspects concerning the management of human and financial resources, the planning of field activities and administrative bureaucratic constraints that require appropriate organizational and infrastructural means in the development of the project.

Through the Illustration of experiences carried out and methodologies used on an international scale, collaboration-competition on research themes between different institutions and countries will be explained by virtue of the exchange of synergies, methodologies and researchers with a high scientific qualification.

The growing need for internationalization is linked not only to the crisis of scientific research in our country, but also to the emergence of excellent infrastructures that today do not work on a single country, but develop inter-regional dialogues, requiring joint efforts of more nations, even on the economical level. 

Internationalizing research also implicate understanding the mechanisms of international evaluation of research and related products, based mainly on "peer review" involving international experts, overcoming the linguistic obstacle and understanding the relative cultural diversity of the scientific societies operating on the international territory.

In Italy, despite the fact that in our sector there are numerous laboratories of recognized excellence that operate in the field of Drawing and Architectural Representation and Documentation of Heritage, there is a reduced ability to express the values ​​that are typical of the culture of Drawing at international level. The Country should be able to produce knowledge and communicate such knowledge at an appropriate level, to be not marginalizated in cultural and scientific fields. To increase the attractiveness of our research system and to promote the dialogue between UID members and the scientific community of Drawing, it is necessary to grow a structural program in which it is possible to identify the topics to improve international research. This cultural project aims to give opportunities to Italian and foreign researchers in the field of drawing and architectural representation, to communicate, to dialogue, to develop projects and activities to expand the possibilities for technological, operational and cultural expressions and to broaden the horizons.

Geographical Areas of interest


Asia and Oceania

Africa and Middle East

North America

Centre and South America

The second International Symposium promoted by UID, after the one held in Florence in 2018, will support a structured discussion divided into geographical area and by development actions, in order to deepen specificity and potentiality of different cultural and administrative contexts of interest and development for our scientific community.


A first phase of the discussion will take place during a telematics session on June the 6th 2019, through video and digital telematics procedures. Summaries and developments of the discussion will be deepened in a Plenary Session to be held in Matera on October the 22nd 2019 (before ReUSO2019 opening ceremony).

The results will be subject of a scientific publication, as in the previous digital edition already tested at Florence in 2018, for the dissemination of research and projects.

Objectives of the Second UID Symposium for Internationalization

- To promote actions conducted at international level by research groups or individuals and to promote the creation of project networks between UID Professors and members.

- Sharing of practices, procedures and opportunities for the development of joint international research projects.

- Expanding the prospects for international collaboration, through participation in national and international calls (H2020, MISE, MAECI, MIUR)

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